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Ohio Court Rules 2012, Practice & Procedure (Paperback)

Ohio Court Rules 2012, Practice & Procedure Cover Image
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Superseded by 2013 Edition. This title is available, but should be relied upon solely for purposes of historical reference or research. For updated and current Ohio Court Rules, see Ohio Court Rules 2013, Practice & Procedure. Ohio Court Rules 2012, Practice & Procedure, contains all of the procedural rules you need for the daily practice of law in Ohio in a portable, affordable and easy to read book. Included are rules such as Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, Appellate Procedure, Rules of Superintendence and the Supreme Court Rules of Practice. Ohio Court Rules 2012, Practice & Procedure features larger, more readable print, a single unified index, and free access to an online collection of downloadable, printable, full-sized versions of all forms, as well as the full text of all rule amendments effective from 2009 to date. Combine this book with its companion Ohio Court Rules 2012, Government of Bench & Bar, and you will have all rules promulgated by the Supreme Court of Ohio. Splitting the rules into two collections resulted in a sleeker, more portable product in a much more readable format. The single unified index means you no longer have to hunt through separate indexes for all the references to terms that appear in multiple sets of rules. Also available in a Kindle ebook edition.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781466391925
ISBN-10: 1466391928
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 12th, 2011
Pages: 682
Language: English