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Used Book Credit Policy

Used Book Credit Policy


Have you been accumulating books that you've read and don't expect to read again?  We can help you out!  Bring those gently used books to BayShore Books January through September.  We have an exchange program where we'll take your old books and provide you with used book credits, so you can have plenty of fresh reading material. 

BayShore Books will consider a wide range of titles, so it is easier to say what we will not accept.

We do not accept: computer manuals, encyclopedias, magazines, travel guides; dated business, health, or political, book club or school editions, text books, former library, Reader's Digest, series romance (such as Harlequin), damaged books, or hardcovers without the dust jacket.

We take very few hardcover fiction that has been released in paperback or paperback fiction published more than two years ago (except sci fi/fantasy and some series). We reserve the right to turn away any book according to our current needs and/or condition.

What We Pay

We are currently only purchasing used books for store credit which may be used for 50% of in stock used books excluding special orders, local interest, and tax.  Credit may not be used with other offers or gift certificates. Books initially purchased from BayShore Books will receive 25% of our used book price. Those not originally purchased from BayShore Books will receive 25% of our used book price or $0.50, whichever is less.

 Credit will be ready for you to use in the store two days from the time you drop books off.  At the time you drop off the books, let us know if you would like the books we don't use returned to you. Any books you will be picking up must be picked up within one week of the time you dropped them off. Books not picked up will be donated, sold, or disposed of at our discretion.


Please only bring in books that are in good condition.  Any boxes/bags that contain animal droppings, bugs, or moisture will be disposed of without inspecting. We want to keep our book selection looking nice.


Thank you!






Updated 07/14/2023