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How to Survive Your Freshman Year (Paperback)

How to Survive Your Freshman Year Cover Image
By Frances Northcutt (Editor), Scott C. Silverman (Editor), Mark W. Bernstein (Created by)
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How to Survive Your Freshman Year offers incoming college freshmen the experience, advice, and wisdom of their peers: hundreds of other students who have survived their first year of college and have something interesting to say about it. Based on interviews with hundreds of college students at every type of higher-learning institution across the country, this book has insights on every aspect of college life, including, what to take to the dorm, living with roommates, Facebook and other social networks, extracurricular activities, choosing classes, studying, going abroad, finances, food, the social scene, doing laundry, staying in touch with friends and family, and much more. Highly readable, much of the book consists of short snippets with some interesting insight and advice from the college students interviewed. The book also includes expert input from college advisors and officers.

Praise For…

Winner Best Survival Guide for College Kids
Winner Best Book on Adjusting to College Life

Unbelievably honest ... I highly recommend this book.

Explains college to the clueless ... This quick read is jam-packed with tidbits.

Book of the Year Award finalist.

Recommended Reading.

Included in “Ten Good Books for Grads.”

A Top 40 Young Adult book.

“Hidden gem.”

“A guide full of fantastic advice from hundreds of young scholars who’ve
been there… a quick and fun read.”

“The perfect send-off present for the student who is college bound. The book
manages to be hilarious and helpful. As an added bonus, it’s refreshingly free
of sanctimony.”

How to Survive Your Freshman Year provides student viewpoints and expert advice on virtually every topic pertaining to first-year students from moving in to finding meals....We would recommend this book primarily for high school students as they transition to college....After reading this book students will be aware of the realities of college life and be better prepared to shape their own unique college experience.

“The advice dispensed is handy, useful, and practical. This book will make
great light reading for an incoming freshman.”

“A great tool for young people beginning an important and often daunting
new challenge, with short and funny, real-world tips.”

"...not just any book, but a book that can help that college bound freshman get through that tough first year...Who better to try to help that nervous freshman endure the first year than people who have just recently done it. Laced with different hints and stories, it can be a real help for a student."

8 Money Must-Reads for Students
"Hundreds of Heads’ annual guide advises students on more than just financial planning so readers looking for a more comprehensive view of college life should purchase the 2010 version and get reading. The book contains more than 1,000 pieces of real-life knowledge from hundreds of students who attended more than 100 colleges across the country. (There are words of wisdom from college counselors as well.)"
—MAINSTREET, powered by the STREET.COM

"a detailed, portable resource for freshmen . . . a relevant and aware—and sometimes, quite funny—resource for incoming freshmen . . . inclusive, honest portrayal of freshman life.

The college-prep section of the bookstore now offers hundreds of self-help books, many of them written by adults whose freshman years are decades past. How To Survive Your Freshman Year offers a holistic alternative: a book chock- full of humorous, contemporary student-derived insights grounded with the educated wisdom of higher-ed professional adults. Somewhere among the dirty laundry and open boxes of Pop-Tarts, this book should find a home in college dorms across the country.
—ForeWord Reviews

Reviewers have called this guide “unbelievably honest,” and “refreshingly free of sanctimony,” probably because it’s written mostly by college students who have just experienced that first, crazy year away from home. It offers advice on big steps like choosing a major and living on a budget, as well as on finding friends and dealing with dormitory food.

Both of my teens give this a "thumbs-up" and love this book. We all agree that this should be something that everyone entering college should read. Highly recommended!
—Just One More Paragraph

How to Survive Your Freshman Year -- the perennial best seller -- is brand new this year in a new 4th edition. Packed with over 1,000 pieces of real-life advice from hundreds of students who survived their freshman year at more than 100 colleges across the country, the book has become a must have and perfect high school graduation gift. How to Survive Your Freshman Year offers great advice on how to find friends and enjoy roommates, choose the best courses and majors, ace classes and exams, live on a budget, master the social scene, deal with college food and laundry – and much more.
—Between the Pages

Product Details
ISBN: 9781933512310
ISBN-10: 1933512318
Publisher: Hundreds of Heads Books
Publication Date: March 30th, 2010
Pages: 367
Language: English
Series: How to Survive Your Freshman Year