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Law Officer's Pocket Manual: 2019 (Paperback)

Law Officer's Pocket Manual: 2019 Cover Image
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Never before have greater--or more conflicting-- demands been placed on those who serve, as well as those who train in law enforcement. The recent fiscal crises, coupled with an increased need for homeland security, have seriously complicated how police officers perform their duties, and made the consequences for errors in police performance more severe for both the officers involved and their superiors. Factor in the danger and stress police officers like you face in your daily work, and your decisions in even the most common of situations become a challenge. Regardless of the adversity you face, however, you are still required to think quickly, respond appropriately, and know the law. The Pocket Manual highlights basic rules for quick reference and offers examples showing how rules are applied and concise guidance based on U.S. Supreme Court rulings on constitutional law issues and other legal developments, covering arrest, search, surveillance, and other routine, as well as sensitive, areas of law enforcement. The 2019 Edition of the Manual reflects recent court decisions on: -The U.S. Supreme Court's message: warrants are needed for cell tower records showing a person's location -Constraints on searches of a rental car, even if the person in control of the vehicle is not an authorized driver -Restrictions regarding entering a private area to search a vehicle, when relying on the rule allowing warrantless vehicle searches -Whether police arriving on the scene seeing people immediately fleeing a location provides enough probable cause to believe that those present weren't authorized to be at the location Robert E. Wilhelm is a Legal Editor of Bloomberg BNA's Criminal Law Reporter and White Collar Crime Report. With more than 100 practical examples drawn from the facts of leading cases, The Law Officer's Pocket Manual provides specific guidance on how to act on the spot in a wide variety of situations. Written in plain English, the Pocket Manual highlights basic rules for quick reference and offers examples showing how rules are applied.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781682674925
ISBN-10: 1682674924
Publisher: Bureau of National Affairs
Publication Date: October 30th, 2018
Pages: 176
Language: English