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Creating Augmented and Virtual Realities: Theory and Practice for Next-Generation Spatial Computing (Paperback)

Creating Augmented and Virtual Realities: Theory and Practice for Next-Generation Spatial Computing Cover Image
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Despite popular forays into augmented and virtual reality in recent years, spatial computing still sits on the cusp of mainstream use. Developers, artists, and designers looking to enter this field today have few places to turn for expert guidance. In this book, Erin Pangilinan, Steve Lukas, and Vasanth Mohan examine the AR and VR development pipeline and provide hands-on practice to help you hone your skills.

Through step-by-step tutorials, you'll learn how to build practical applications and experiences grounded in theory and backed by industry use cases. In each section of the book, industry specialists, including Timoni West, Victor Prisacariu, and Nicolas Meuleau, join the authors to explain the technology behind spatial computing.

In three parts, this book covers:

  • Art and design: Explore spatial computing and design interactions, human-centered interaction and sensory design, and content creation tools for digital art
  • Technical development: Examine differences between ARKit, ARCore, and spatial mapping-based systems; learn approaches to cross-platform development on head-mounted displays
  • Use cases: Learn how data and machine learning visualization and AI work in spatial computing, training, sports, health, and other enterprise applications

About the Author

Erin Pangilinan is lead co-editor of Creating Augmented and Virtual Realities. She works as a computational designer and software engineer hybrid and startup consultant. She was selected as a 2017 Diversity Fellow at the University of San Francisco's Data Institute Deep Learning Program.Steve Lukas has been exploring the landscape of spatial computing in various roles from software design to venture capital & development relations with companies such as Qualcomm Ventures and Magic Leap. As a co-founder of Across Realities, he focused on advancing the XR industry by enabling shared digital realities spanning all platforms.Vasanth Mohan, Founder, FusedVR, VR Developer Nanodegree Course Developer

Product Details
ISBN: 9781492044192
ISBN-10: 1492044199
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2019
Pages: 372
Language: English