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The Professional Security Officer-Agent (Paperback)

The Professional Security Officer-Agent Cover Image
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The Professional Security Officer/Agent booklet is a must have is you want to achieve your full potential and success in the Security Industry. Whether you want to gain knowledge of the industry itself, learn of its policies and procedures, know what attitudes work best, it's all here. With the help of Security Manager/Author, Roy Wyatt, you'll gain knowledge in: security standards/rules and regulations; client and company expectations; qualities needed for success; job descriptions, requirements, and much more. Security is a well-respected industry that only needs professionals. Security professionals are relied on across the world to protect privately owned most valuable commodities: people, property and services. Do not mistake the media portrayal of the industry as it is so much more. Because of the high demand of various qualities Security Professionals must possess, the truth is, simply doing your best sometimes isn't good enough, and oftentimes fall short of the expected level of quality and commitment. This contributes to turnover. I know it's impossible to train for every scenario you may encounter, but being professional starts with you. It has nothing to do with your job, pay, or status. Clients as well as everyone expect Security Professionals to uphold the tradition of respect, commitment and professionalism it was built on - no excuses Because of a few, this industry has been tarnished and oftentimes played out in the media as lazy slobs sitting around all day watching monitors while making poor judgment decisions. This is by far from the norm, plus it discredits the industry as well as those officers who are professional. But it's up to the security professionals to change it. There's no magic. If the process of excelling in the security industry appears to be complex, it's really simple. It's straight forward. You need to know what's expected; understand how things work; how to conduct yourself, and be prepared. And the moment you fully understand a.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781478749370
ISBN-10: 1478749377
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: January 9th, 2015
Pages: 198
Language: English