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Seven Foundations of Time Mastery for Attorneys (Paperback)

Seven Foundations of Time Mastery for Attorneys Cover Image
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Are you tired of dashing from one activity to another, working on the wheel that's squeaking the loudest, without enough time to plan or prepare for what's coming next? Would you like to quit putting out fires and start working more strategically? Can you imagine meeting your top priorities every single day, serving your clients effciently AND effectively, with time for business development and a personal life too? Mastering time means accomplishing the right things at the right time. Using the techniques presented in Seven Foundations of Time Mastery for Attorneys, you will get more done in the same number of hours, and more importantly, you will ensure that you are getting things done in the proper order. You'll discover how to prioritize your activities, to delegate effectively, and to leverage your time well. Filled with practical suggestions and exercises to help you customize each tactic for your own practice and your preferences, Seven Foundations of Time Mastery for Attorneys will show you how to increase the opportunities for making more money while feeling less stress and greater satisfaction.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780977401888
ISBN-10: 097740188X
Publisher: Crow Creek Press (Division of Life at the Bar
Publication Date: September 1st, 2011
Pages: 156
Language: English